Being a dance mom may not be as fun as it seems.

Toddler in pink tutu and ballet shoes standing in vintage hallway (cropped)

Baby Ballet classes

(photo credit: FOTOLIA/NATALIELB)

Maybe it’s the reality TV age that we live in that has changed the dance world, or maybe being a dance mom will always be very different than actually being a dancer, who really knows, but one dancer told her side. 

Being a part of the dance world since I was two, I have always dreamed of my future daughter following in my footsteps and having a love for dance the way I do. As a child it was always my dream to become a ballerina, and once I was fully immersed into the dance world I discovered my love for many different styles of dance, changing that dream of wanting to become a ballerina to a dream of becoming any type of professional dancer. I have always hoped that having a daughter one day she may share that dream also.

Like me, the dancer in the article dreamed for her daughter to follow in her footsteps as a dancer. She wanted her daughter to become a part of the competition world, just as she did, because, like me, being immersed in the competition world taught me a confidence in the real world that no other sport could have ever taught me. Being put in dance classes at a young age, I met life long friends and learned valuable lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. That is one of the many reasons I will want to put my daughter into a dance class, and I’m sure the writer of the article felt the same way.

Maybe it is the image that reality television has given the dance world that has made this dancer change her mind for now about wanting to deal with everything that comes with her daughter being a dancer. Now that dance is all over television “dance mom” has a whole new meaning. Television shows will make sure the dancers are not only the best, but they are all done up no matter their age, and they have the best dance products that are out there. Although the image of the dance world may have changed, the benefits of dance itself have not.

In the article the mother talks about how maybe one day her daughter may want to dance again, but having to go through the hassles of the dance world especially with a young child is not something her or her daughter are ready for. After seeing the dance world change so much due to the way television portrays it, I understand why the mother doesn’t feel she is ready to have her daughter a part of it. Dance when the author of the article was younger is very different than dance now.

I like he way the mother talked about the dance world in her article. She talked about the positive experiences she had being a dancer growing up and how that shaped her into the person she is today. I also enjoyed that, yes she wants her daughter to be like her, but she has no problem trying different sports and allowing her to maybe join dance classes later in her life.




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